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Brad Paisley joined Jimmy Kimmel on his show this week in welcoming American citizens to the country in style and in song.

After an announcer from the LA Kings introduced six new citizens, Kimmel said, “There are so many amazing opportunities for you and I could go through them all or I could have three-time Grammy winner musician Brad Paisley come out and share then with you in song.”

Brad came out to sing a song that included the lyrics, “Congratulations citizens/ We’re happy that you’re here/ Come on in and take a load off/ Grab yourself an ice cold beer.” He adds, “You can exercise your freedom of speech/ eat a sticka’ butter at a county fair/ Wear your Crocs will a pair of socks/ Go to Target in your underwear.”

Paisley concluded the celebration with a few lines from “America” as an eagle mascot flew around the stage.

Jimmy Kimmel & Brad Paisley Welcome Immigrants to America

Every week immigrants from all over the world take the oath of citizenship in courthouses, libraries and auditoriums across the country, without much pomp or circumstance. Becoming an American shouldn't feel like a visit to the DMV.