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Nicole Michalik

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I still can’t believe I had the opportunity to have KANE BROWN LIVE IN STUDIO AS MY GUEST CO-HOST!  He was the absolute COOLEST and I can’t thank him enough!  If you missed it, don’t worry, here’s our entire show!

Break #1 – Kane takes the mic for the first time on XTU!

Break #2 – Kane talks about how he met his wife Katelyn, who’s from West Chester!

Break #3 – Kane picks what song he wants to play next!

Break #4 – Kane introduces “Short Skirt Weather” for the first time on XTU!

Break #5 – Kane admits he forgets lyrics to his songs!

Break #6 – Kane reveals his next collaboration!

Break #7 – Kane talks about becoming a dad!  

Break #8 – Kane takes phone calls and talks to listeners!

Break #9 – Kane Hears “Homesick” on the radio for the first time!

Break #10 – Kane tells a very funny story about Jason Aldean and a bet they have!

Break #11 – Kane admits he’s an Eagles fan!