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I’m feeling a little bummed.  About three months ago, I featured this restaurant on my #brunchwithbrian blog here at

Mt. Airy’s Trolley Car Diner is closing its doors on Tuesday October 15th after nearly 20 years in business.

Owner Ken Weinstein made the anouncement this morning and says that the diner sales have steadily declined with the growth of the Northwest Philly food scene, which resulted in a drop in sales over the years.

Weinstein says that at the same time many other costs associated with running a restaurant continued to rise and unfortunately the diner is no longer financially sustainable.

If you have Trolley Car Diner Cards, you can still put those to use.  The Trolley Car Cafe in East Falls will remain open.

You still have time to get a taste of what the Trolley Car Diner is all about.

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