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A 26-year old Milford, NJ man was arrested for breaking into Taylor Swift’s Rhode Island mansion.  But he removed his shoes once he got in, ya know, to be polite.

Scarily, this was the third man that attempted to get inside Swift’s massive mansion, but the first to actually make it inside.  Richard J. McEwan scaled the wall of rocks in front of the house and activated motion detectors that alerted the police.  Officers finally found McEwan standing in the foyer of the Swift mansion.

According to,

McEwan later told investigators he took off his orange shoes when he got inside because he was taught it was polite to remove shoes when a guest in someone’s home.

But he broke a glass door in order to enter the property.

That’s not very polite.

All joking aside, this is a scary situation and thankfully nobody was home at the time of the break-in.  He didn’t have any weapons on him either.  He was charged with multiple offenses, posted bond and was released.