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This is my friend Jenn and her girlfriend Kristin.  Unfortunately, this is 2019 too.

The two were traveling from Oaklyn, New Jersey on their way to the Zac Brown Concert Friday night.  Kristin and Jenn hopped in the Uber for a night of great music and fun.  Kris planted a kiss on Jenn’s cheek and the Uber driver proceeded to not only kick them out for being gay, but also slapped Kris’s phone out of her hand.

***NSFW language in the following video***

This woman picked me up as my uber driver. We took off. I gave my girlfriend a kiss on the cheek and she pulled the car over and said “you need to get out of my car.” I asked why. She said “I won’t have that in my car.” I asked what she was referring to. She said “you need to get out of my car because you are gay.” #uber #illegal #trumphatewithlove CynthiaToyota Highlander C29CPT

Posted by Kristin Michele on Friday, September 6, 2019

Kristin has contacted Uber and talked with them about the incident.