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6-year-old Vivian Lord was playing with her brother when she noticed that all of his toy soldiers were men.

So Vivan decided to take action.

She wrote a letter to BMC Toys in Scranton, Pennsylvania.  Owner, Jeff Imel says that he was taken back.  He gets the question, “Why no female soldiers?” every once in a while, but he’s never had a letter from a child before.

According to CBS News,

“I’ve never gotten a letter from a child like that before, but every now and then somebody asks, ‘Do you have any female toy soldiers?'” he said.

The answer is no. Although, Jeff says it is on a list of potential future projects. He even showed Vivian some of his concept drawings.

“They were doing sketches, but they were busy making boy army men,” Vivian said.

She just can’t understand why this has to be so hard.

Sometimes it takes the innocence of a child to set things straight.  Imel says he’s going to make the female toys because Vivian asked him to.

Plain and simple.

“I’m going to do it,” Jeff said, admitting Vivian put him up to it. “She put it to the top of the list, easily.” 

Shortly after receiving Vivian’s letter, Jeff commissioned the first prototype. He expects them to be ready by Christmas of 2020. “That makes me super happy. I will play with them every day,” Vivian said.

CBS News