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UNDATED FILE PHOTO: Fred Rogers, the host of the children's television series, "Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood," rests his arms on a small trolley in this promotional portrait from the 1980's. "Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood" will broadcast its last new episode August 31, 2001 it was announced August 30 in a statement by Rogers from Nantucket, Massachusetts. Rogers died at the age of 74 February 27, 2003 at his Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania home. He had been suffering from stomach cancer. (Photo by Family Communications Inc./Getty Images)

There goes the neighborhood!   Every year when Halloween rolls around, the lingerie company Yandy introduces a new “sexy” costume.  It is kind of their thing.  Take something normal and make it sexy.  Sexy Janitor, Sexy Unicorn, Sexy Mr. Rogers.  Wait!  What?!?  You heard right – this year the company has released a Sexy Mr. Rogers costume (see it here) It’s exactly what your horrified thoughts are telling you it should be.  They even did a segment on it on The View (watch here) – What’s next?  Sexy Pennywise?  Maybe I should just mind my business.