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Eric Church was playing show in San Fransico at the Chase Center over the weekend, when he became a donor to an elementary girl’s Jog-a-thon.

After seeing a sign from stage, Eric said, “I will sponsor you for your jog-a-thon. I like your shades by the way.” The crowd went wild.

Eric Church to donate $10,000 to Soulsbyville Elementary School.

Stopping mid-concert, Country music artist Eric Church says he will sponsor Soulsbyville Elementary School fifth-grader Makenna Wallace, 10, in her jog-a-thon by donating $10,000.

Soulsbyville Elementary School’s annual jog-a-thon had actually happened the day before, but Makenna Wallace was planning all week to hopefully catch the attention of Church.

She raised $735 that day and then the 10,00 from Eric.

Makena Wallace told The Union Democrat, “If I could say anything to him I would say, thank you, you’re my hero, stuff like that. I was just like, ‘oh my gosh this is really happening?I was really shaky. I was happy, nervous, it was awesome.”

Soulsbyville Elementary School plans to unveil the $10,000 donation with an oversized check on Friday morning during a school assembly.