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We missed a week due to cruising on the Disney Dream (which by the way you could qualify to win a trip starting Monday, October 14 at 9,2, and 5) and boy did we miss a lot!

Episode 2 was called The Pool: Part Two and brings us to the community pool the Pearsons would frequent while the “Big Three” were not so big. Now as they are maturing this is the last place they want to be and especially not with their parents. We see Kevin, Randall, and Kate all go off with their friends and classmates, leaving Rebecca and Jack alone. The episode shows Kevin and Randall bickering over friends and we see Rebecca worried that the two girls who asked Kate to hang out are up to no good (and they kind of were). Spoiler Alert, Kate is told a boy she has a crush on wants to kiss her, but when she goes behind the pool shed it isn’t who she thinks. This episode was a reminder for Rebecca and Jack that their children are growing up.

In the present, Kate and Toby are dealing with the news that their son is blind. Kate is putting up a brave front but Toby tells Rebecca she has been overeating. On the other hand Toby is losing weight because he is secretly going to the gym.

Randall and Beth are dealing with their own children maturing and take a family fun day to Philadelphia. This is where you’ll see our own JJ Scordo on the art museum steps!

Kevin is dealing with his own inner battles and trying to stay sober all while feeling like he is helpless and can’t do anything to help Kate and baby Jack.

In Episode 3, titled Unhinged.  Cassidy and Kevin! They finally meet, but don’t get your hopes up, sparks definitely do not fly… at least not for Cassidy.

Deja knows Malik has a daughter so we will have to stay tuned to find out if she will continue to pursue him.

Kate finds out about Toby’s secret slim down and the news is quite upsetting to her. In this moment we also meet their quirky neighbor.  Which turns out to be one of the most heartwarming parts of the episode.

In this episode Nicky looks to be on the road to recovery until the news his counselor is being transferred sets him off and boom, he throws a chair through the support group building window.  Helping to answer some of those episode 1 questions…

Randall also had a big part in this episode with his new “unhinged” identity as a Philadelphia politician.  Complete with his open door policy for the community, he also had to make a hard decision concerning a member of his staff.

In the flashbacks, young Kevin seemed to have found himself a bit.  Curious if he’s a “good person” he helps his family come together at the end of the episode to watch Arsenio Hall.  It was a great way to round a well played and mildly emotional episode.

Listen in below to JJ and Nicole’s recap!