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Nicole Michalik

Weekdays 3PM-7PM

My Dad is best!  Literally.  He’s the dad who would lay with me when I was scared to fall asleep when I was 4.  He made our lunches that included special notes.  He picked me up every week from dance class.  He chaperoned my class trips.  He was a “den dad” for Brownies.  He moved me about 10 times around Drexel and then there and back from Dallas, TX, and that’s only half!  HE IS THE BEST.  He also has been fighting Parkinson’s Disease for over 25 years.  He wad diagnosed at 44 years old and has handled every day with grace, humor, and strength.  My parents live in a very small town in Northeast, PA where there is not much going on.  It’s almost two hours to go to Philly, where his neurologist is at Penn, so he, and our family friend Gina, started their own Parkinson’s/MS support group.  He is THAT guy!

If you know anyone would like more info about The Parkinson’s Council, PLEASE REACH OUT TO ME!  Facebook, Twitter, Instagram is all @NicoleisNik

I have been involved in the Parkinson’s Council for over 5 years and it’s an amazing organization.  Every October we participate in A Walk to Stamp Out Parkinson’s, which raises money to help those living with Parkinson’s in and around the Delaware Valley.   CLICK HERE TO DONATE OR JOIN OUR TEAM!