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I’m the LEAST crafty person you’ll meet. But this Halloween is turning out to be a wash, so it’s time to dig in and find some fun things to do with your kids if Trick or Treating is postponed or cut short.

  1. You can’t go wrong with Pumpkin Decorating. Whether you’re carving, painting or using markers, decorating pumpkins is fun for the whole family.
  2. Bobbing for Apples. This is a lost art. I mean, who does this anymore? So why not throw a bunch of apples in a bucket, the bathtub, or kitchen sink, fill it with water and have at it. Kids love that stuff!
  3. Who doesn’t love pizza? What’s better for Halloween than Spider Web Pizza! Easy peasy – just use strips of mozzarella cheese and place them across the sauced crust like a spiderweb. (Black olives can make great spiders!)
  4. If you have frozen pizza, bake it, slice it down the middle and then across to make long strips. Use a dollop of pizza sauce to stick a triangular shaped piece of red pepper on the end and you have WITCHES FINGERS!
  5. What kid doesn’t love hotdogs? How about hotdogs that look like SEVERED FINGERS?! Oh, these are a big hit with the boys!
  6. We love Minute to Win It games and this is one of our favorites. Place the same amount of Skittles, M&Ms, or gummy worms on a plate and cover it with spray whipped topping. Contestants can’t use their hands to find all the hidden candies.
  7. Everybody loves a Mummy! How quickly can each team wrap one volunteer head to toe in toilet paper?
  8. This is my favorite – Turn out the lights and pass around bowls of body parts that go along with a creepy story to really make the kids freak out. Afterwards you can show them what they were touching so they don’t stay too freaked out.  Get the story and supplies HERE.