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The Holidays are for Giving! Right? These gifts are questionable at best…

  • Walmart is selling Baby Yoda stuffed animals. The plush dolls cost $25 and won’t be delivered until May. Order yours HERE
  • Samsung is developing another foldable phone that will be released in February and won’t be as expensive as their Galaxy Fold, which costs $1,980. The new Galaxy S is priced around $1,000. It resembles a flip phone. Get your Fold HERE.


  • Since Monday, Peloton’s stock has dropped by seven percent because their new holiday ad went viral. It shows a husband getting his wife a Peloton bike for Christmas. People don’t like the ad because it suggests that the husband doesn’t approve of the way his wife looks. Critics say the ad is sexist. You be the judge
  • The Buttheads Fart Launcher 3000 is topping many kids’ wish lists this year. The Nerf-like gun shoots farts instead of darts. The gun’s box says it can spray fart-like smells up to 10 ft and is best used outdoors or in well-ventilated areas. Buy yours HERE (but keep it away from me)