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Maren Morris marked her seven year anniversary of making the move to Nashville to pursue her musical dreams yesterday (1/5) on Instagram.

Maren posted along with a picture from then to now saying, “7 years ago today, I had short hair, some okay (alright, crap) demos in my pocket and moved into a Craigslist house sight unseen for $350 a month. I wrote with anyone + everyone who’d sit in a room with me. I got better, and I found my tribe of people I loved to create with and we’d geek out over The Cardigans and Sheryl Crow records.”

She continued, “Looking at the gap between these photos, I actually do know where the time goes. It gets encapsulated in each fantastic, mundane, life-changing, soul-crushing, mediocre, hallelujah song in my catalogue. Cheers to 7 years, Nashville, and to the friends here I now am lucky to call family.”