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Pennsylvania is ranked #1 with the most "Pet Peeves" in their academics

Well it’s another semester after a long  holiday break and for students getting an education, the struggle is real!!!!

The worlds on-line learning community Brainly surveyed over a thousand students to find out about their biggest pet peeves when it comes to schoolwork, teachers, classes and everyday educational routines.

Some of the pet peeves range from pop quizzes, to last minute assignments, to homework.

As far as the top states where students have the most pet peeves about their academics, Pennsylvania ranks at #1 with Florida being the second highest.

Here’s the Top 10 in order.

  1. Pennsylvania (88%)
  2. Florida  (88%)
  3. Georgia  (87%)
  4. Texas  (85%)
  5. Alabama  (84%)
  6. Colorado  (82%)
  7. Delaware  (82%)
  8. Maryland  (81%)
  9. Arizona  (79%)
  10. Ohio  (77%)