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Nicole Michalik

Weekdays 3PM-7PM

Yay!  How fun!  I live in the city and love driving by City Hill every day.  They have done such a great job with the ice skating rink and winter lodge!

They do ALOT of fun things at the rink – Tomorrow is our Superhero Skate event at the ice rink and next Saturday is their big Chinese New Year celebration!

 Visitors can skate for free in February, courtesy of Capital One. The deal begins Saturday, Feb. 1, and ends Sunday, Feb. 23, when the rink closes for the season.

Starting Monday, Jan. 20, the “Free in February” passes will be available for visitors to pick up at the Capital One Café (135 S. 17th St.). They will not be offered at any other location and skate rental ($10) is not included.

Free in February

Saturday, Feb. 1, through Sunday, Feb. 23
Free admission to the rink
Rothman Orthopaedics Institute Ice Rink
1 S. 15th St., Philadelphia, PA 19107