There are a lot of paid streaming services out there, each touting their own original programming. CBS’s CBS On Demand recently rolled out what will probably be their biggest show yet: Star Trek: Picard. Starring Patrick Stewart as Jean-Luc Picard, the movie picks up over a decade after we last saw Picard in the final Star Trek: The Next Generation film, 2002’s  Star Trek: Nemesis. Picard is now retired from Starfleet — and seems a bit disgruntled with them — and runs a winery in France where he lives with two Romulans and his pitbull, charmingly named Number One. He may not be the next “Baby Yoda,” but he’s definitely cute.

If you’re not sure you want to make the plunge to pay for another streaming service, CBS On Demand has offered the first episode for free on YouTube (last night, episode two dropped on the service). Watch it below.

Star Trek: Picard | Free Series Premiere Episode | CBS All Access

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