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There are a lot of parents, like me, who are forced to homeschool their kiddos over these next few weeks.  I’ve done some research (so you don’t have to) to find best practices to help you out.

  1. Be realistic. Without training and experience, chances are you’re not going to suddenly deliver the best lecture or have that break-though in Algebra you’ve been waiting for. But you can be there to offer support, encouragement, and empathy.  Hey, it’s tough for everyone.
  2. Schedule. Schedule. Schedule. And stick to it! You’ll be tempted to stray from the schedule when the sun shines, or when it rains, or you want to watch just one more episode before you turn off the tv. As humans, we work well when we’re on a schedule – so be strong!
  3. Take breaks. Be sure to schedule breaks in your day and don’t rush through them. Take those moments to let your students’ brains rest and reset. Have them go for a walk, do something active, or even have a snack. Breaks are important.
  4. Organize your workspace. Researchers have proven time and time again that a cluttered space leads to a cluttered brain. Make sure your kids are working in a tidy space with little distraction.
  5. Back to the wall. This is SUPER IMPORTANT when your student is using any type of video-messaging to communicate with their teacher or classmates. Point that camera toward the wall, not the rest of the house where you might be dancing in the background, or in your jammies, or drinking wine at 10am. (Wait. Is that just me?)

But most of all – give yourself a break. None of us signed up for these next few weeks. It’s going to be difficult. There will be tears and arguments. That’s normal and you’re not the only one. Keep in touch with other parents to swap stories and help each other out. It takes a village!