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The popular bar located on Main Street in Manayunk will be closing its doors for good 🙁

Mad River Manayunk was a mainstay for a little over a decade but now it is the latest business to close due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

The GM of Mad River, Jamie Powell, took to Facebook to post the following:

Welp. With a heavy heart, it’s time to announce the ol’ Riv won’t make it thru this mess (I truly hope this doesn’t start a string of these announcements ????????).

There are so many rumors out there but the biggest truth of all is that Manayunk is just a different town anymore as far as nightlife goes. We decided as a squad it was just time to cash em in. No one should hang their head, a place like ours had no business making it ELEVEN YEARS. It’s wild and honestly impressive.

I planned on being a lot more long winded but that’s about all I have to say for now, it’s all just a lot. Thanks to anyone and everyone over the years that made this place such a true monster! I’m sure the rest of the crew will have somethin to say. Pm me with any questions.

Personally I plan on being a Jersey shore beach bum and figure out the rest come Sept/ Oct. Stay safe y’all! ❤️