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“Social Distancing” should be called “Physical Distancing.” If there’s anything we’ve learned from the past few months, it’s that we need socialization. ¬†And that includes dating.

Are you hoping to take your relationship to the next level but afraid to go out because of Coronavirus? Here are some “safe” date ideas to ease your mind … and fill your heart.

Top 10 Best Social Distancing Dates

1. Mini-golf
2. Picnic in the park (Fairmount!)
3. Beach trips (The Jersey Shore is calling)
4. Drive-in movies (to see Garth at the Delsea Drive-In?)
5. Nature walks or hikes
6. Bike rides
7. Planting a garden
8. Exercising together / Outdoor yoga
9. Watching a live stream of a concert together (So many country artists to choose!)
10. Mini-road trip