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Baseball is back!  A new 60 game schedule has been agreed upon by the owners and the players so we will have some hardball in our futures!

Here are some key dates: MLB Opening Day 2020 is slated for around July 24. Players are expected to report to spring (summer) training by July 1st.  YAY!

But… Have you seen some of the new rules this year?  Some of them are very odd!


The 5 weirdest rules unveiled for MLB’s shortened 2020 season:

  1. No licking!  Pitchers are lickers. This is known. This season, however, wetting the ball with a dab of homemade mouth-water will not be an option on the mound.
  2. No spitting! Sunflower seeds? Gone. Chewing tobacco? Out of here.
  3. No touching! Part of reducing the spread is reducing the mirth, and the MLB will not allow teammates to engage in close-quarters celebrations such as dapping or hugging during games. Contact before games will not be all0wed, either.
  4. No yelling! Leaving your designated position to argue with or harangue an official will be an ejectable offense this season, with possible suspensions and financial penalties being levied on offenders.
  5. Who’s On Second? In the name of reducing playtime and person-to-person exposure, teams playing extra innings this season will start with a runner on second base.