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If you have a kid who is really into Harry Potter, back to school shopping just got more expensive for you.  There are two major brands who’ve announced some really cool HP products.

First – Kswiss came out with a sneaker inspired by Harry’s Firebolt Broomstick. The body of the sneaker is black and the sole looks like wood-grain with silver detailing in the arch. They even come in a blue Harry Potter inspired shoe-box and the tissue paper lining is  printed with blurbs from the fictional newspaper the Daily Prophet. That’ll set you back $120.  See them HERE

Next – Vera Bradley announced a Harry Potter collaboration that includes items you’d expect from VB like backpacks, luggage, totes and crossbodies – and they have designs you’d expect from VB, busy floral patterns with a Harry Potter twist – but also some lifestyle necessities, such as lanyards, keychains, bedding, drinkware, notebooks, umbrellas, lunchboxes, ID holders, and even a bathrobe. SEE THE ENTIRE COLLECTION HERE