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Andie Summers Show

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Katie Fehlinger is one of Andie’s all-time Sheroes!  Philadelphians know her as the former meteorologist on CBS 3 but now she is a published author.

She says “The 2:45 A.M. alarm was always going to have a shelf life.”  She was a big market on-air TV meteorologist but out of the public view, she was miserable.

She decided to fix her own situation.

In “My Happy Place”, Katie lays out her DIY roadmap to authentic personal bliss: how she self-audited and beat down roadblocks to actualize her most joyous path, plus her practical steps to ensure the good times keep rolling. A relatable, hopeful memoir/how-to hybrid, “My Happy Place” is for all the people-pleasers trying to take back control of their own lives.

To order Katie’s book, click HERE.