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We have all had the experience, whether it’s with your sunglasses or prescriptions specs, when you are wearing a mask they tend to fog up.  Well, a woman by the name of Ceri Smith-Jaynes works with the Association of Optometrists and she is sharing her trick for keeping eye glasses from fogging up while wearing a face mask.  It involves sewing a button to the mask and letting the nose part of the glasses rest on it, so the frames are further from your face.  She said simply by sewing a button on the middle of her mask the glasses rest on her nose but don’t fog up.  Good luck!

Nic Jam

Bespectacled peeps. I sewed a button on to my mask so my glasses can rest a bit further away from my face but not slip off. No more fogging up or constant adjusting. Pass it on! Have made this post...