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Nicole Michalik

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Just when you thought you’ve seen everything in 2020, there is now this.  When you think about though, it’s pretty genius, and it’s definitely a way to make money!  Our friend Victor Fiorillo from PhillyMag went to store this past weekend and got all the details for us!

 Click Here to Pics and Full Store Experience

Whether you need a “designer” mask, some doohickey that opens doors and presses buttons for you, or mint mask spray, they’ve got it.  I haven’t been to the mall in forever, but now I kind of want to take a trip!

Check our their Instagram below.  I messaged the account and they responded with “we are very senistive to what’s going on and we donated to local community leaders to donate masks, etc.”  They also said, “The majority of our masks are hand made by us.  We have multiple sewers working on inventory full time. Gives us the ability to really know our product, make sure it the BEST quality on the market, and provide local jobs and locally made products!”