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That headline is just odd.  This story is far from it… It is an amazing story!

A man and his family were kayaking in update New York when this man started to drift away from his family while he was taking pictures and it capsized. The choppy water kept him from getting back to shore and he was stranded in 30 feet of water. He was hanging on for dear life to his life jacket, his kayak and his new $1,400 smartphone.

That is when the man said to himself ‘”I think I might die today, this might be it,” so he started praying.

Well, God answered his prayers…  “And then, out of the corner of my eye, I saw the tiki boat.” A floating tiki bar boat were full of priests of the Paulist Fathers from St. Joseph’s Seminary in Washington, D.C. They had been on retreat nearby and were taking a break on a boat rented from Tiki Tours.

A handful of the priests helped the Tiki Tours staff hoist the man to safety.

Priests on floating tiki bar rescue man in Lake George

Jimmy MacDonald of Albany had been sober for seven years when he was rescued by a floating tiki bar on Lake George.