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Nashville's famous Broadway bars.

Do you love all things haunted?  I appreciate ghosts and goblins, but I don’t enjoy trying to see them. Ha!  Kristen Richard, put the list together for Wine Magazine with the help of my friend Julie Rieger, who is a real life ghost photographer!   Yes, it’s amazing!  She wrote a book and I actually did an interview with her on my podcast (see below).

According to Julie Rieger, author of The Ghost Photographer and co-host of the podcast Insider’s Guide to the Other Side, ghosts and other spiritual entities are 100% real.  When asked why a ghost might want to stick around long after they have passed, Rieger says there are several reasons. A person may have suffered a quick, violent death, so their spirit might not realize they’ve died, she says. Or, spirits might stick around because they’re attached to a particular location.

 Here’s the list of the Most Haunted Bars (click the link for the details on where the ghosts were spotted)!

Shaker’s Cigar Bar, Milwaukee, WI

The Mermaid Inn, Rye, England

Bushwakker Brewpub, Regina, Canada

The Hero of Waterloo, Sydney, Australia

John Kavanagh or The Gravediggers, Dublin, Ireland

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