Lindsay Ell is one of country music’s best known guitar players and it’s rare to see Lindsay perform without her guitar hanging around her neck. However, as Ell posted to Instagram, that’s about to change.

Lindsay wrote, “I am a guitar player and most of you guys know that… In fact, sometimes it feels like it’s the only thing that people equate with me. So I’ve been making a conscious effort to not always have a guitar in every shot so that fans can just see me for me.”

She continued, “I love being a guitar player, it’s truly part of my voice and who I am….but equally I love being an artist, singer, songwriter, lyricists, painter, athlete, philanthropist and well-rounded woman. In my video for ‘wAnt me back’ I made the choice to not play guitar for this one video, but instead inserted a single quick shot of my old duo partner playing the guitar in our dressing room. It was meant to be a metaphor for him holding onto my power.”

Ell concluded with, “True to the message in the song, my character in the video recognizes her own power and steps out on her own. Without her male counterpart and without her guitar. Whatever you do, don’t let anyone else hold your own power. If you haven’t yet seen the video for #wAntmeback, link is in bio.”