Last night, ABC’s 20/20 hosted a special on country music. During the show, Ashley McBride broke down in tears as she talked about what the pandemic has done to the Nashville’s music industry and the bands and crew that haven’t worked for almost a year now. Ashley said, “It’s heartbreaking.”

Darius Rucker sat with Ashley, Jimmie Allen and Charlie Worsham to talk about how the pandemic of 2020 has affected the in the music business. Darius said, “I’ve played with these guys for fourteen years and the toughest part about all this is just knowing people are struggling so bad. Not just ‘people,’ [but] people that you love.”

McBryde adds, “People that you live with.” Darius continues, “And there’s nothing you can do about it.”

Jimmie Allen said, “Yeah, I couldn’t sleep. I know I did something that a lot of financial advisors wouldn’t support but man, my guys that tour with me, my band and my crew, these guys they sacrificed for me and I was like stressed out… I’d be good financially [without working for a while] but these guys had wives, had families so I said, ‘Screw it.’ I went to the bank and I took out this crazy loan but I was like, ‘I got forty five years to pay it back.’ And that’s just what I decided to do.”

ABC’s 20/20 posted a video clip to their Instagram saying, “Country artists discuss financial toll musicians face during pandemic, ‘We ain’t singing the songs, we’re not eating.’ Country artists @dariusrucker, @ashleymcbryde, @jimmieallen & @charlieworsham discuss the financial toll musicians have faced during the pandemic and how they’ve supported their own bands and crew. #CMAawards

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Jimmie Allen