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Russell Dickerson teamed up with Chevrolet to give the gift of a brand new handicap-accessible SUV to fan Sarah Frei, a 17-year-old, who was tragically injured after she was hit head-on by a drunk driver while riding in a car with three friends on July 30. The crash left Sarah paralyzed from the waist down, forcing doctors to amputate both of her legs.

Sarah didn’t let her injuries stop her. She documented her difficult road to recovery on her Instagram account, which has over 74,000 followers supporting her #sarahstrong campaign.

After 75 days in the hospital, 20 surgeries, and over 70 hours of therapy, Sarah was able to return home on October 15. She marked the occasion with a teary-eyed Instagram post lying with her parents in a hospital bed.

Sarah’s incredible resilience gained national attention, as she documented her recovery from the hospital on Instagram. One of those Instagram posts caught the attention of country singer Russell Dickerson, who happens to be Sarah’s favorite artist.

Sarah, a cheeerleader at Clearfield High School, was practicing a dance routine to Dickerson’s song “Home Sweet” from her hospital bed.

Seeing the video, Dickerson soon learned about Sarah’s accident, and how one of the first question’s Sarah asked after waking up from surgery was “Will I ever be able to drive again?”

Dickerson said he heard about Sarah’s journey and asked himself “What can we do to just absolutely make her life?”

So Dickerson teamed up with Chevrolet to surprise Sarah with a brand new, handicap-accessible, 2021 Chevrolet Traverse.

Dickerson joined a zoom call with her and shared how her story inspired him and people across the country. He then told her to check the driveway of her home, where a teary-eyed Sarah found the car custom fit to her needs. Inclosing he told her, “Thank you for your joy and the love that you’re spreading.”

Sarah posted on Instagram after the surprise, “Was this even real?! It seriously feels like a dream THIS WAS THE BEST SURPRISE EVER!!! My parents told me they had an interview with some parenting magazine and to be ready in case I would be asked any questions. They started their interview, then after a few questions, Russell Dickerson sat down and I couldn’t believe it!! He is so amazing!! Then when he said he teamed up with Chevrolet….I just lost it ???? It was all so unreal”

“I am so grateful to him and his team for thinking of me and for all their love for me. It was such a good day!! I’m so excited to be able to have a fully adapted awesome car that I’ll be able to drive. I can’t wait to be able to drive again!”

To see the sweetest video with me and my incredible friend @russelled go to his page or check it out on YouTube :).”

Russell Dickerson