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Elmwood Park Zoo is a zoo located in Norristown, Pennsylvania. If you have never been, you must check it out!  It is fun for all ages.

The Andie Summers Show chatted with some of pros who maintain the zoo and work directly with some of the most animals in the world.

Eric Donovan, the Director of Operations at Elmwood Park Zoo, talks about the exciting new holiday themed changes happening at the zoo.

Laura, the Director of Education at Elmwood Park Zoo, talks about her position at the zoo and how she helps connect people to the animals.

Keeper Mel, the Enrichment Coordinator at Elmwood Park Zoo, talks about her position and she describes it as the “arts and crafts of zookeeping.”  She gets to put together toys and puzzles for the animals to keep them engaged and entertained.

Kate, the Behavioral Husbandry Coordinator at Elmwood Park Zoo, talks about training the exotic animals including Inka the jaguar to take injections voluntarily.


Also, Andie & Dave got to have a Zoom call with Laura as well and she brought a friend named Snowy is a beautiful Snowy Owl.

Andie & Dave Chat With Zookeeper Laura & Snowy The Snow Owl From The Elmwood Park Zoo

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