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Nicole Michalik

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Tyler Hubbard and Tim McGraw were on The Today Show this morning to talk about their incredible performance of their new song “Undivided” on the Inauguration special yesterday.  Hoda is so good at her job, before the interview wrapped, she was sure to ask Tyler about the latest rumors of a rift/breakup with him and FGL bandmate, Brian Kelly.

 Here’s what Tyler said:

 “We’re all good. We’re still together. We’re still rocking. We’re about to drop our album in February. About to hit the road, hopefully, if all goes as planned at the end of the summer, early fall, so we’re excited.”  “We’re just getting to do some things on our own, and some individual solo stuff, so this has kind of been my first breakout debut as a solo artist, if you will,” he said. “Or maybe a featured artist. I don’t know what you’d call me at this point.”

Tim McGraw and Tyler Hubbard talk about performing at inauguration

During Wednesday night's "Celebrating America" special, Tim McGraw and Tyler Hubbard stood out with a performance of their song "Undivided." Joining TODAY live, Hubbard says he feels the song "was given to me as a gift" from God. McGraw says "it was really special" in the context of the Nashville bombing and other challenges the city has faced.