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Moorestown resident is inspiring the country through his daily runs.

Everyday for the past two weeks John Scully has been carrying the American Flag while running around his community. It is his way of honoring the frontline workers in the fight against COVID-19.

Scully wears a blue T-Shirt with “Stay Strong” on the front and “We got this” on the back while running the five miles. The words are handwritten in black marker by his youngest daughter. He hopes the message on the T-Shirt encourages people to continue their fights against the spread of COVID-19.

“I’m watching celebrities donate millions of dollars. I see what doctors and nurses and first responders are doing. I’m seeing people working crazy hours in grocery stores, and it was like, what can I do?” Scully said. “Everybody has those bad days. I hope I can offer some encouragement in this small, small way.”