Nicole Michalik

Weekdays 3PM-7PM

Philadelphia Zoo is excited to announce a major new experience coming this spring! Get ready to travel back in time for Big Time: Life in an Endangerous Age – opening to the general public March 29th.
Philadelphia Zoo’s new immersive, multi-sensory experience Big Time will feature twenty-four enormous animatronic dinosaurs taking guests on a prehistoric journey starting millions of years ago through to today.
Dinosaurs on the Big Time journey will include:
* Alamosaurus, 98-foot-long swinging an enormous, 20-foot-long tail
* Edmontosaurus, a 40-foot-long herbivore

* T- Rex chomps his threatening jaws 40 foot long and 3,000 lbs
* Triceratops, with 1,000-pound head, and three massive horns
* Quetzalcoatlus, 30-foot-tall with an enormous 35-foot-long wingspan
* Anzu, a feathered dinosaur resembling a bird, that is 10-feet-long
* Young T.Rex at 24-foot-long,
* Pachycephalosaurs, dome-headed herbivores, 15-foot-tall and weighing 1000 pounds
* Dakotaraptor, an 18-foot long feathered predator
* Smilodon, aka “Saber-tooth tiger”, a ferocious feline, sporting 11-inch fangs
* Woolly Mammoth, ancestor to the Asian elephant,15-foot-tall
* Glyptodon, a relative of the armadillo, the same size of a Volkswagen Beetle
* Megatherium the second largest land animal behind the woolly mammoth
* Aepyornis, or “Elephant birds”, massive 10-foot-tall that weighed about 1200 lbs
* Procoptodon, standing 10-feet-tall and weighing more than 500lbs
* Thylacoleo, the largest carnivorous mammal to ever inhabit Australia
Tickets and reservations are available for Big Time starting on February 17th at Noon. All reservations should be made online at Attendance will be capped to ensure a wonderful, safe experience, don’t wait to reserve your visit now.  Zoo Admission tickets are for a specific date and time. Entrance times are every half hour. Reserve BIG TIME tickets with your admission to secure your spot.  Tickets are the cost of General Zoo Admission $24 for ages 12+ and $19 for ages 2-11, children under 2 are free, plus entrance for Big Time $6 (adults and children ages 2+).  Members enjoy free admission to the Zoo with advance reservation and save on BIG TIME tickets!