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Saving money can be tough when you don’t know where to start, but little changes can make a big difference. Check out this list of several lifestyle changes to save money that you can start implementing today.


It can be hard to forego that drive thru cup of coffee every morning, but holding back can save you a good chunk of change in the long run. Let’s say each morning you order your coffee before heading to work and it costs you $5. That means you’re spending $150 a month on coffee. Instead, an upfront investment of a coffee machine will save you money in the long run. This is one of those lifestyle changes to save money that may be hard to do at first, but once you ditch the habit you’ll be happy to know how much you’re saving. Of course you can treat yourself to coffee on the go on occasion.


I am not saying you can’t go out to lunch with your coworkers ever, but just think about it. How many days a week do you go out to lunch or get lunch to go? Now think about how much you spend each time you order out. Add that together and I bet you’re spending a pretty good amount of money. I know the everyday brown bag lunch can get boring, but there are plenty of recipes you can find to spice up your lunches. You can prep all your lunches for the whole week or pack your lunch the night before to save you time in the morning.


Lifestyle changes to save money don’t always have to be about cutting something out of your life. Being mindful of your daily tasks. Something as simple as making sure you turn off the lights after you leave a room in your home or unplugging things when you’re done using them can help cut the cost of your electric bill. Making one small change at a time can end up saving big.


The ugly truth is if you want to save money the easiest way to start is to spend less. Yes, I am talking to you, you don’t need that “must have” from Amazon that you saw on tiktok. Also an easy way to shop less is to only shop when you do need to shop. Most of the time impulse buying occurs when you are shopping just to shop and don’t actually have a purpose so if you become aware of that you’re less likely to spend.


There is no shame in buying something used and often times it may actually be better to buy something preowned than brand new. Thrift stores, garage sales, and online used clothing sites are just a few places to find great items when you’re on a budget. Another great place to find preloved items are Facebook yard sale groups and Facebook marketplace, most items are in great condition and gently used. Check out this list of 10 items you should buy used.


Of all the lifestyle changes to save money, this one might be the easiest. Although not always the most convenient, getting money from your banks ATMs is saving you all those ATM fees. $3-$4 might not seem like much right then and there but those little fees add up.