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The Andie Summers Show

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BROOKLYN, NY - JANUARY 1: A robust member of the Coney Island Polar Bears Swim Club.

No one wants to admit they’re middle aged, but you can’t help but feel it when these symptoms start popping up. See how many boxes you can check …

1.   Feeling stiff

2.   ‘Middle age’ middle/ belly

3.   Groaning when you bend down

4.   Saying ‘it wasn’t like that when I was young’

5.   Choosing clothes and shoes for comfort rather than style

6.   Forgetfulness

7.   Can’t shift weight

8.   You don’t know any songs in the top 10

9.   Finding you have no idea what ‘young people’ are talking about

10. Thinking policemen/teachers/doctors look really young

11. Skin blemishes and lines

12. Getting more hairy – ears, eyebrows, nose, face etc.

13. Hating noisy pubs

14. Old hands

15. Losing hair