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Charlie Maxx

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Remember last year when toilet paper was so hard to find?  That passed.  Now it seems ketchup is going to be hard to come by.  How will we eat French fries?!   Heinz says they are increasing their production by 25% because of a ketchup packet shortage.  Seems the pandemic has restaurants using more of the packets to help reduce the spread of COVID and take out meals are also taxing the packet supply.   If you think it’s just eating out that is causing the shortage, think again.  Ketchup sales were up 15% in 2020.  Which can only make me believe that we aren’t very good cooks and we need ketchup to mask our lack of skills.  Or maybe we’ve just been making a lot of burgers and fries at home.  It’s also worth noting, I am a ketchup snob.  Heinz and only Heinz.  You keep that no name brand away.  Thanks.