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Boston’s Phyllis DelVechhio is being rewarded for her honesty.

An East Boston Savings Bank (EBSB) teller recently added an extra $100 to DelVechhio’s withdrawal by mistake. Instead of keeping the money, she decided to do the right thing and give it back.

“Last week I went to the East Boston Savings Bank drive-thru,” DeLvechhio said according to East Boston Times-Free Press. “After I left and counted my money, the teller gave me an extra $100.  I went back to the drive-thru and gave her the extra $100 and she couldn’t thank me enough.”

A couple days later she went back to make a deposit at the same bank and was given a nice surprise along with her receipt.  “The teller wrote a nice little note and a (Dunkin Donuts) gift card to show their appreciation for being honest,” DelVecchio said. “I really didn’t expect anything.   I was brought up to be honest and to always do the right thing.   Although, it was nice to be appreciated for honesty in today’s crazy world.”

EBSB President and CEO Richard Gavegnano got wind of DelVechio’s story and it touched him.

“It’s stories like this about the relationship between our customers and our employees that I love,” Gavegnano said according to East Boston Times-Free Press. “I feel very strongly that there are so many good people out there and something like this should get recognized. The customer had compassion for the person working at the bank and she was honest enough to go back and give the money back. And our employees were so appreciative that they got her a gift card for her honesty. I think it’s a terrific story and it really made my day. It just goes to show you what kind of a bank EBSB is. We create relationships and the community is part of our family.”

Gavegnano plans to send DelVecchio a $100 American Express gift card. “We love our customers and truly believe they are all like Phyllis and would have the same level of honesty if put in the same situation,” Gavegnano said. “That level of honesty should be rewarded and on behalf of EBSB we thank Mrs. Delvecchio.”


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