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Luke Bryan appears on today’s (5/4) episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show and she gave him something special after he shared his story on having COVID-19 last month.

Ellen told Luke, “I had COVID, you had COVID. You recently had it. How bad did you have it?”

Bryan replied, “Yes. You know, I had one or two days where it was pretty bad. But then, I mean, I never lost my taste and smell, and then I got back rockin’. I had a little fatigue but heck, I’m back to normal.”

DeGeneres then asked him about going without beer while he was under the weather, Luke admitting with a laugh, “That is definitely the longest stint without a beer.”

She then surprised him with a mug of cold beer that appeared from a hand below the table between the two. “Thank you, Ellen,” said Bryan before taking a sip. “Alright, Ellen, just let me savor. I can still taste it! I have the taste.”

Luke recently shared details of his COVID battle with People. He said, “Certainly the key to feeling better for having COVID was, you know, I was very fortunate to not have a long, long set of symptoms and stuff. … It was still quite challenging for a couple of days, but thank God for just, certainly, health. There were times when Caroline was nursing me back to health, so I was certainly amazed to move through that.”

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