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Eric Church scored his 11th number one song this week on the country charts with his latest effort, “Hell Of A View.”

Eric reveals that the song was written and recorded on the same day. He explained, “So, ‘Hell of a View’ – we were in the mountains of North Carolina and we would write a song the same day. We’d record the song that night, which is an incredibly hard thing to do and do it well.”

He continued, “I came back one day from a jog, my manager was there, a few people walked into the room and Casey Beathard, the co-writer on this song, was working on something. And I remember walking in, and I remember he had reading glasses on and he pulled ‘em down and he looked at me and he goes, ‘This is good. Listen to this.’ And he started, (‘I was no Daddy’s dream’), and I go, ‘This is good.’”

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