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A mother is keeping her late son’s memory alive by engaging in random acts of kindness.

Carolyn Mick from Indiana went to buy for her son’s birthday cake at a Plainsfield Kroger grocery store but quickly found out a stranger had already paid for it, according to WISH-TV.

The woman left Mick a note which was then shared on the Town of Plainfield Chatter Facebook group.

Carolyn P Mick

Dear Toni.. you know who you are and I want to express how moved I am. This means so much that my husband and I cried together. With the turmoil of things going on it reminds us of what really...

“Today is my son’s 35th birthday, his 5th one in heaven,” states the note. “In his memory, I’ve paid for your cake. Please enjoy, make special memories and hug your children and loved ones tight. My son loved cake!”

The message was signed, “Toni, Tyler’s mom.”

Mick posted a picture of the letter on Facebook with attaching a caption to help convert her appreciation to Toni’s kind gesture.