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Turns out using Ketchup on your hair like a mask will help with the chlorine buildup this summer and even help take the green hint out of your hair that it might get from too much time in the pool!

 Here are the details from The Today Show:

“The tomato and the vinegar is very acidic, so what it’s gonna do is just sort of help with that chlorine buildup in your hair,” she said.

“Put it on thick; don’t be afraid. Put it on a topknot on top of your head,” she said, adding that you should pop a plastic shower cap on for 30 to 90 minutes to let the ingredient soak in.

Afterwards, simply wash the condiment out with shampoo and conditioner and get ready to love the results.

“Your hair just feels so much lighter from (getting rid of) that chlorine,” she said.

Ketchup Hair Color Correction

Using tomato sauce to remove green tints in hair.....Help fixed hair that's oxidized.. with table sauce!!! ewwwww....Support This Channel:https://www.patreon...