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There were a lot of things we had gotten into the habit of, for example, using reusable bags at hte grocery store, or reusable cups at our favorite coffee place.  When COVID hit last year, a lot of that had to stop.  Well, guess what baby?  It’s back.  Beginning June 22nd, Starbucks is once again allowing customers bring their own mugs to US company-owned cafes. Starbucks has been gradually bringing it back in international markets and is now ready to reinstate the program in the United States – with some changes: According to 6ABC, “Employees will only accept clean mugs, and they won’t touch them: Instead, a customer will place their own cup into a larger ceramic mug. The barista will hold the ceramic mug’s handle rather than the cup when preparing the drink. Once the beverage is ready, the customer will pick their cup up from within the mug. Personal mugs that don’t fit will be placed on trays.”