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A Waffle House Employee was able to attend his high school graduation, thanks to his co-workers.

On May 27th, Woodlawn High School was holding their graduation ceremony in Birmingham, Alabama. Timothy Harrison, an 18-year-old senior had recently seen hard times. He did not believe attending the ceremony was possible since he did not have tickets, a ride, or a cap and gown according to WVTM 13, an NBC affiliate. He decided to stay strong and show up to his shift at the Waffle House.

“That’s when I said why aren’t you going to graduation?” Harrison’s manager Cedric Hampton said. “And he said ‘I don’t want to miss work.’ So I was like, you’re going!”

“I thought you were supposed to graduate today?” Shantana Blevins, Harrison’s coworker said according to TODAY. “What do we need to do?”

Even though Harrison had only worked for the company just over a month, his employees made it their mission to get him to his graduation.

They bought him dress clothes and headed over to the high school to ensure he has a cap and gown.

“When I put on clothes, that was a different feeling,” Harrison said. “I don’t even know the words. A million dollars? It was the best feeling.”

Belvins drove Harrison 20 miles to get to his graduation. “To see his face when he came out, that was priceless,” she said.

The touching story went viral, catching the attention of Lawson State Community College. They offered Harrison a full scholarship, including books.

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Posted by Ced Cool Hampton on Saturday, May 29, 2021


“I really didn’t expect that to happen,” said Harrison. “To know that I have a path to go somewhere? That’s something new.”

“Now he can go to college and figure out what do in his life and we’re gonna help guide him,” said Hampton.

“You never know who you can touch or who you can influence with one simple gesture,” said Blevins.