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Thursday will mark the final “strawberry moon” aka supermoon of the year and we have all the details on how to watch it.

A supermoon happens when the moon’s orbit is at the closest point to Earth. It looks slightly brighter and larger than the usual full moon.

The strawberry moon typically happens in June and often marks the last full moon of the summer. It is even thought that the phrase “honeymoon” is linked to this moon. This might be due to the tradition of marrying in June or because it’s the “sweetest” moon of the year according to CBS News.

The full moon will reach peak glow this Thursday, June 24th at 2:40pm Eastern Time. However, it will not be visible until it rises above the horizon later on in the evening. It will look full from Wednesday morning through Saturday morning.

For more details about the moonrise and moonset times, click HERE

Want to stay inside? You can watch the supermoon over Rome live on June 24th with Virtual Telescope Project’s livestream. Their streaming starts at 3:00pm Eastern Time.