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You can get paid $15,000 this summer by becoming a “chief thirst officer” for Hydrant.

The hydration supplement company is looking to pay $15,000 for an eight-week period-which comes out to about $267 a day.

“As our chief thirst officer, you’ll be the authority on all things hydration, making sure our audience is never thirsty (like never, ever).” Hydrant stated according to Newsweek. “It starts with something as simple as drinking 8 glasses of water a day (with Hydrant, of course). Once it kicks in… the world is your oyster.”

Drinking water can prevent dehydration which can cause mood changes, unclear thinking and lead to kidney stones the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention claims.

The CDC does not detail a specific daily recommendation for adults. However, the U.K’s National Health Service believes adults should drink between six to eight glasses of fluids a day.

Hydrant requires their “chief thirst officer” to share at least three videos a week to their social media. The ideal candidate must also thrive in the spotlight and be up on the latest trends.

To apply, you must tag Hydrant in an online video that is at least 15 seconds long explains why you would be the perfect fit for the job.

Hydrant added that the video should “tell us why you’re thirsty. Show us how thirsty you are. Tell us what your first move as our chief thirst officer would be. Show us the most creative way to drink a Hydrant.”

Applications will open June 23rd and the winner will be announced next month. The winner will be chosen based on “the most creativity, engagement with the contest, and of course just how thirsty you are to win.” For more information, click HERE.