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What would you do?

A customer at a bar in New Hampshire left the bartender a $16,000 tip.  The bartender didn’t look at the check or notice the tip until the customer, gave her another two hints to take a look.

When she finally realized, she was so ecstatic and overjoyed! She posted the story on social media and it exploded!

The bartender decided not to only split the tip with the other bartenders but with the 4 staff members working in the kitchen.  Many of the bartenders at the bar are single mothers and they will be using their share to take a summer vacation. The bartender who received the tip did not keep any of the money and wanted the other employees to have it.

This is when the bar started receiving criticism because the tip was shared with multiple staffers instead of the lady just keeping the whole thing.

“We’ve been getting killed on social media lately, but pool tipping is common in certain restaurants and it works for us,” the bartender said. “It doesn’t matter how big the tip is; they still share it with everyone working that shift.
“In the end, this is just a happy story and we are grateful for his generosity.”