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Meet Tyson! This 6yr old brindle boy is described as a very sweet and friendly dog. He loves making new human friends and playing outside, and he's even housebroken. Tyson has been at the shelter for over a month and really does not like being alone in his kennel. He much prefers to be outside in the warm sunshine being your shadow and getting pets. Tyson is dog reactive and needs to be a one and only pet. Interested in adopting or fostering sweet boy Tyson? Visit ACCT Philly at 111 W Hunting Park Ave between 10a-6p

Woah!  This could be a Disney movie!  Also, how fun she’s from Allentown!

 Here are the details (and the video is below):

Aisha Nieves, who lives in Allentown, Penn., first adopted her dog Kovu when he was just seven weeks old. Back in 2019, he went missing after a truck hit her fence and the dog escaped.

The dog was found weeks later by the Lehigh County Humane Society and was adopted to a family in October 2019.

Flash forward to June 2021, Kovu was returned to the shelter by the family who adopted him because they were facing eviction.

Aisha was searching the LCHS website in hopes of finding a new dog to adopt for her two sons. That’s when she discovered her dog was there!

“I thought, ‘Wait, that can’t be him,’” she said. “Then, I saw the little scar over one eye, the scar from when he got caught in a gate, and I was like, ‘Oh my God, that’s my baby, that’s Kovu!’”