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Luke Combs is on a roll; he just shared yet another new song on his social media. The new tune is called “Five Leaf Clover.”

Luke posted to Instagram a performance video of the song, writing, “Five-Leaf Clover (Unreleased Original) As promised, here’s the second new song that I’ve been playing on tour. It’s called “Five-Leaf Clover.” Hope y’all like it.”

Combs sings in the chorus, “I know I’m a lucky man / but I ain’t sure why I am / Cause it ain’t like anyone deserves the world in the palm of their hand / I’ve hit my knees, thankful as can be / But the one thing I can’t get over / how’d a guy like me, who’ve been fine with three / whined up with a five-leaf clover.”

Luke has been working on new music; he announced he was starting work on an album on his birthday in March.

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