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TOLEDO, SPAIN - SEPTEMBER 10: Micaella Rubini entering the church to marry Jaime Palazuelo accompanied by her father on September 10, 2021 in Toledo, Spain. (Photo By Javier Ramirez/Europa Press via Getty Images)

Sam Waldron, 23, announced to a room of people how his brother Jonah Waldron, 27, is his “hero” and “never looked down on me”.

Brave Sam talks about how he has autism which can make him scared to interact with people, but his brother reminds him “that being different is a real strength, not a weakness” 👏 During the speech he says Jonah’s new wife Madison Waldron, 25, has “all the makings of a great sister”, and jokes she’s married the “second most handsome Waldron” 😂

Have a watch of the heartwarming speech by Sam 👉