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Hi! It’s Dave Cruise, from The Andie Summers Show.

I have a question: how do dog’s brains work???

I just gave my dog, Clover, a treat. She proudly munched on it and strutted away…not noticing that 3/4ths of it was laying on the floor, directly under her face.

However, we also recently went to a park, and she ran right over to a tree where she saw a squirrel…TWO YEARS AGO!

I guess it’s kinda like, I can remember every play from an Eagles-Cowboys game from 1986, but I have no idea what I had for lunch yesterday.
Grilled cheese? Maybe?
I suppose both dogs and humans brains store the important stuff, like where that pesky squirrel lives, and that the Eagles won that game 23-21. GO BIRDS!
I don’t know about you, but Clover and I are both now hungry for some grilled cheese 🙂
P.s. – If you’re in the market for a new best friend, check out Clover’s Corner Adoption Gallery